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Commercial Irrigation

Why should I install an irrigation system for my business?

Get consistent results.

Let our system take over the task of maintaining your lawn – it never takes a vacation. Our WiFi installed systems maintain a consistent watering schedule that self-adjusts to the weather.

Add credibility to your business.

A well-maintained lawn gives the impression of care and professionalism to your visitors.

Get the most out of your fertilization.

Make your fertilizer go further with the help of an expertly installed system.

Commercial Irrigation Services


We install state of the art, Wi-Fi enabled irrigation systems that work smarter, not harder. Our programmable systems are environmentally and financially savvy.

Winterizing and Reopening

We’ll get your irrigation system prepared for cold weather by ensuring all water is out of the lines and the water source is shut off. When it’s warm, we’ll be there to bring your lawn back to life.

Underwater Surveying

Our specialists are certified scuba divers, able to easily and accurately survey beneath the water’s surface.

Directional Boring

Directional drilling or horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is today’s preferred method of installing underground pipes without upsetting the integrity of the surrounding area. Using our own equipment, we are able to complete large, complicated installations faster and easier than our competitors.

Backflow Testing

To keep your business’ water safe for drinking, it’s important to regularly test the backflow systems. Let us take care of it for you.

Repairs & Maintenance

No repair or routine maintenance is too small or too big for Innovative Irrigation.
Work smarter not harder. Contact us today to get started.