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Uncategorized / Mar 2nd, 2022

Irrigation Ideas that are Smart for Your Business (and Sustainable, too)

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If you have a yard, garden, or other irrigation-dependent areas of your property, you know that irrigation is about more than just water. It can be an important part of your sustainable living plan. 

In this article, we’ll discuss irrigation ideas that are smart for your business and help save money on water bills while being healthy for the environment at the same time.

Fountain Irrigation System

One irrigation option that is growing in popularity is the fountain irrigation system. A fountain irrigation system circulates water from a pond or other body of water to one or more fountains using strategically placed pumps and hoses. This type of irrigation is perfect for large properties with multiple gardens, as it can save time by watering all areas at once. It is also a very cost-effective irrigation system since the water source itself provides a free irrigation solution.

Fountain irrigation systems can be built to your specifications, including how many fountains you have and what type of sprayers they should contain. They are easy to install by yourself or with help from an irrigation professional, so it’s an excellent irrigation option for anyone with a pond, even if you’re not technically inclined.

Aerator Systems

Another irrigation system that is growing in popularity is aerators. Aeration systems work by pumping air into the water of your irrigation source to increase oxygen content and keep it healthy for fish living there or nearby.  The increased oxygen content also helps break down pollutants in the water, making it more beneficial for plants and wildlife.

Aerator systems are available as a standalone unit or as part of a fountain irrigation system. They can be installed on any body of water that is at least 18 inches deep, making them an ideal irrigation solution for most ponds. Aerators come in various styles and can be installed on your irrigation system for a minimal investment.

Surface Aerator Systems

A similar irrigation solution as the aerators is called surface aerator systems, designed to increase oxygen content in ponds that don’t have deep enough water to accommodate an aeration unit. This irrigation option consists of one or more floating devices that agitate the water’s surface and increase oxygen levels.

Surface aerator systems are perfect for irrigation ponds used to supplement other irrigation methods or for smaller irrigation areas. They can be installed in minutes and do not require any wiring, making them a popular choice for those who want an easy-to-use irrigation system.

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These irrigation solutions are smart irrigation ideas that will save you money and time and make your property healthier for plants, wildlife, and people.

If you want to learn more about any one of these irrigation systems or other types of irrigation options available, visit our website or call to chat with our team at Innovative Irrigation.

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