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Uncategorized / Nov 15th, 2021

Is Your Lawn Ready for Winter? Best Practices for Winterization

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While we might still be a ways off from the official first day of winter, there’s no arguing that November starts to bring chilly weather our way in Indiana. As you sit back and watch the autumn leaves begin to fall, it’s a good time to clock in and think about your winter plans for your lawn.

With these simple tips, you can winterize your lawn and get it ready for a cold Indiana winter. And when spring rolls around, you’ll know that your lawn is ready to spring back to life thanks to the preventative steps you took with Innovative Irrigation.

Streamline your lawn care

Before you call in the professionals at Innovative Irrigation to help winterize your irrigation system, there are a few steps you can take on your own to prepare your lawn for cold weather. 

It’s true that most grass will recover naturally when warm weather comes back. But it’s not always a guarantee, and the last thing you want is brown, unhealthy grass at the beginning of spring. Depending on the type of grass, lawn care experts suggest applying winterizer fertilizer to help your lawn retain nutrients so it can quickly grow back green and strong.

November is the right time to take preventive action for your lawn. Raking leaves, pulling weeds and applying fertilizer will make the most of your irrigation system’s efforts as soon as you turn it back on in spring. With those steps taken care of, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Winterize your sprinkler system

If you’ve installed a sprinkler system for your commercial or residential property, you’ve made a big investment in the health of your lawn. Sprinkler systems are great for getting lush, green grass from spring through fall, but when cold weather moves in it’s time to take action to protect your investment.

On paper, winterizing your sprinkler system is a simple process. The basic steps are turning off your water and draining your pipes. It sounds easy enough, right? You might find online tutorials of how to take these steps yourself, but the reality is that taking matters into your own hands can cause serious, costly damage to your sprinklers.

Call on Innovative Irrigation to winterize your sprinkler system the right way. With our specialized equipment, we’ll make sure your pipes are properly and fully drained to minimize the risk of damage during the winter months. We’ll also tend to your backflow device to help you avoid costly repairs to one of the most delicate parts of your irrigation system.

Head over here to learn more about getting your sprinkler system ready for winter.

Set your WiFi systems for winter

If you’ve invested in a WiFi-enabled irrigation system, you’ve no doubt been enjoying the benefits all summer long. WiFi-enabled systems are programmable, and adjust your watering schedule based on factors like the temperature and how much rainfall your area has gotten recently.

You’ll be pleased to know that it’s simple to prepare your WiFi-enabled irrigation system for winter. Other parts of the country enjoy warmer winters and can have their sprinklers activate periodically throughout the colder months. Unfortunately, with the freezing temperatures that are common in Indiana, the safest bet is to suspend your system completely until spring.

Suspending or turning off your WiFi-enabled sprinklers shouldn’t take more than a minute. Innovative Irrigation can help you make the necessary adjustments when we’re on-site, and help you turn it back on in the spring. 

If you aren’t already using a WiFi-enabled system, we can help your lawn take the leap into the 21st century to save you water and money. 

With your own lawn care efforts combined with our professional attention to your irrigation system, together we can set your lawn up for success this winter. November is the perfect time to call in Innovative Irrigation to give you peace of mind for the cold months ahead. We’re still taking appointments, and you can reach out on our website or give us a call at 317-823-4506. 

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