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Uncategorized / Sep 15th, 2021

Dry Grass? Let’s Talk Irrigation Systems

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Irrigation Systems

irrigation systems needed for dry grassIndiana summers have a way of bringing out the worst in a lawn. After weeks and weeks of humid, scorching heat, all those best-laid plans you had for your backyard in spring are a distant memory. That full, bright green lawn might be patchy and discolored eyesore come September.

The good news? Irrigation issues aren’t always difficult to spot. Although an irrigation system can never completely compensate for a lack of rain during a drought, there are steps you can take to help ensure the longevity of your lawn. 

With these simple tips, you can learn how to identify weaknesses in your lawn — and what to do about them, from increasing the run time of your sprinklers to fertilizing so your lawn has the nutrients to survive.

Dry grass and wet grass

When your lawn’s irrigation is running as intended, you’ll have bright green grass evenly spread across your grounds all throughout summer and fall. But when irrigation goes awry, that’s why your well-maintained lawn starts to look like it hasn’t gotten attention since spring.

Dry, brown grass is easy enough to spot. It’s a surefire sign that you’ve got a sprinkler problem. It could be that there’s something blocking the stream, either inside or outside of your irrigation system. It might be turf physically blocking the water’s path, or it could be a clogged nozzle or damaged internal parts.

Patches of wet grass are a sign that your irrigation system is at least functioning, but not as intended. It could be a sign that you have a leak, the wrong nozzle type or size, low head drainage, a low spot, or a leaky valve. Nobody wants to deal with soggy turf — not your maintenance team, and not your family.

irrigation systems needed for dry, patchy grassUnfortunately, irrigation systems don’t last forever. Dry or wet patches can be a sign that your irrigation system is past its prime and can’t keep up with changing weather conditions during summer. Newer systems are wifi-enabled so they can maintain a consistent watering schedule that self-adjusts to the weather.

If you run into dry or wet patches of grass this fall, give Innovative Irrigation a call. We can come out and assess the problem, and give you a quote for the repairs or talk you through the process of upgrading your system.

Patchy grass coverage

Here’s another easy one to spot. Say you’re used to a lush, green lawn all summer long, but what happens when it turns bare and patchy come fall? There can be a few possible causes to your spotty grass problems this autumn.

The first comes down to your grass itself. The truth is, not all grass species are of equal strength. Some grasses can stand up to those blistering Indiana summer days, while others wilt away despite your best fertilizer and maintenance efforts. And some species are susceptible to mold and fungus, too.

The second comes back to irrigation. Even the strongest grasses can’t survive if they aren’t getting the right amount of water. This might be a simple case that your sprinklers are spaced too far apart, or there may be some malfunction at play beyond what meets the eye.

Whatever the case, call on Innovative Irrigation to come take a look. In our experience, we’ve found that a properly functioning irrigation system can help your fertilizer go further in keeping weaker grasses alive. And if you decide to make the switch to a heartier seed for next year, it will come in strong thanks to proper irrigation.

irrigation systems like a sprinklerNo matter what problems pop up for your lawn this autumn, the best way to get them taken care of is to call in the professionals. Innovative Irrigation can make sure your systems are installed and repaired the right way the first time around.

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